This is MBBS’s first year to operate in Pearl, Mississippi which is in the center of Mississippi and is accessible via two major interstates I-20 and I-55 that run through the Pearl area. We are here as a result of moving the school Gulf Coast Bible Institute from Hattiesburg, Ms. where GCBI began as a ministry of Magnolia Springs Baptist Church, Theodore, Alabama. The church had a burden to fulfill the mandate of the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19, 20 and realized that her responsibility of "teaching them to observe all things" as Jesus commanded, extended beyond her immediate membership to provide training in the Word for ministers and other Christian workers.

On December 8, 1965, Magnolia Springs Baptist Church voted to begin the Magnolia Springs Baptist School and appointed her Pastor, L.B. Wilson, as President. Classes were Tuesday and Thursday evenings of each week, three hours each night.

As interest grew, pastors of the Mobile area realized the potential and the need to expand this ministry of Magnolia Springs Baptist Church to include a full-time day school. The church invited Dr. Leo Causey to serve as President. Under Dr. Causey's leadership, the school became widely known throughout the American Baptist Association.

In July, 1972, Dr. L.D. Foreman was elected President of the School. Under his leadership, the school grew and prospered. Dr. Foreman served as President until November 5, 1974. Dr. Marlin Gipson was then chosen as the first full time President. Under his leadership, the finances increased from about $600.00 per month to more than $3,000.00 per month. In January, 1980, Dr. Gipson resigned.

Dr. Hoyt Chastain was chosen as his successor. Dr. Chastain served as both President and an instructor for a year and a half.

Brother L.B. Wilson was chosen to succeed him as President. On October 27, 1983, Bro. Wilson passed away.

Magnolia Springs Baptist Church called Brother Hurby R. Morgan as Pastor. Bro. Olen R. Johnson was selected as President of the seminary. Both assumed their offices January 1, 1984.



In April, 1990, Magnolia Springs Baptist Church requested that the Unity Baptist Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi assume the sponsorship of the school. On May 4, 1990, the sponsorship was officially changed. On moving to Hattiesburg, a building program was started. By the spring semester, 1991, Gulf Coast Baptist Seminary (GCBI) had it’s own facility for the first time since 1979. Upon the move to Mississippi, Dr. George F. Moore served as President.  He was very instrumental in the move and in the building project.  He served for a little over a year.

In February, 1992, G.F. Crumley assumed position as President, serving until May 1996.  He increased school funds substantially by having a fund raising rally each year.

Bro. Ron Witcher began serving as President in May of 1996 and filled the position until July, 2000.  During his ministry the building debt was fulfilled and a full-time paid position of Dean was established.

Dr. James Loveless accepted the position of President in August 2000 and served until May 2007.

Dr.Tom Scarlett assumed the office of President of Gulf Coast Baptist Seminary in May, 2007. Under his leadership, Dr. Bruce Morris became Dean of GCBI in January, 2008. In June of 2008 Dr. Tom Scarlett resigned as the President and Dr. Bruce A Morris, Sr. was elected as the new President of GCBI and he ran the school until August 2017 and then a long time instructor at the school Dr. Stephen Sance assumed the office as President of Mississippi Baptist Bible Seminary and the school was moved to Pearl, Ms.